Convocation Ceremony

Info on what to do during convocation ceremony


  1. All graduates are required to gather at Pocket D in full dress convocation robes by 6.30 am (Morning Session) and 12.30 pm (Afternoon Session). The sequence card will be made available during the registration session. Graduates who failed to come on time may not be able to join the graduates' procession and may be denied entry into the Chancellor hall.

  2. At the line-up process, graduates will be arranged according to specific sequence card numbers. The sequence card will be made available at the line-up process on the convocation day. PLEASE BRING ALONG THE SEQUENCE CARD NUMBER TO THE STAGE.

  3. During the conferment of the degrees, the graduates' names will be announced accordingly as follows: Doctor of Philosophy, Masters Degree and Bachelors Degree.

  4. Once a graduate's name is announced, he/she should walk straight to YABhg Tun Chancellor/YBhg Tan Sri Pro Chancellor/YBhg Dato' Pro Chancellor, bow as a mark of respect, receive the scroll with both hands and say "Thank You".

  5. Graduates must remain seated after receiving their scrolls. They are not allowed to leave the hall when the ceremony is in session. This is to ensure that the ceremony proceeds in an orderly manner.

  6. For the full Convocation Ceremony schedule, please click here


        Guest may collect their refreshment at the F&B Counter located at ConvoFest from 7.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Please present your invitation card to collect the refreshment. Each card is entitled for one (1) pack.

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UTP Convocation Ceremony Guidelines 2019

Info on what a graduate needs to do during convocation procession for UTP 19th Convocation ceremony.